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Tuxen meets Nol van Schaik

Klaus Trier Tuxen from Hampepartiet (The Danish Hemp Party) meets Nol van Schaik. Nol is the owner of two Coffee Shops in Haarlem, a city outside Amsterdam in Holland. Nol teels how things a getting worser in Holland, for people who loves cannabis. He tells about the dutch goverment who have made a “Weedpass” in the southern provinces of Holland, for the people who buy cannabis in the Coffee Shops. Those provinces are now called the “Weedpass zone”. It only dutch people who can get it, foreigners are not allowed to buy cannabis anymore. The weed pass is now in the southern provinces of Holland, and soon they will also be in the northern provinces. The result is a big chaoutic mess, dutchpeopel who buy cannabis dont like to be registrered, so they travel to to Coffee Shops outside the Weedpass zone. Haarlem is luckely still outside the Weedpass zone, and the city is having problems because of the many dutch people who comes from the Weedpass zone. In the interview we also hear about how things started back in 1973, when the first Coffee Shops came up in Holland, and why it was legalized there. In the end of the interview Nol tells that he now live in Spain, because he is so tired of the way things are in Holland now. Spain is the new place for people who loves cannabis, and thats why you find him there. The interview was made 02.07.2012 in Copenhagen.